Honda 2 Wheelers

Honda 2 Wheeler authorized service center approached us for helping them in managing their customers queue…


Honda 2 Wheeler authorized service center approached us for helping them in managing their customers queue. They wanted bank like solution. We being stationed at Surat, we opted Ganga Automobiles service center for the pilot project.

Ganga Automobiles, one of the leading service centers in India of Honda 2 wheelers, with more 200 walk-ins daily and just 8 service advisors it was difficult to manage the customers queue. There use to be a chaos among the customer for their turn in rush hours. During this course Ganga automobiles were unable to explain their customers the various schemes available with the AMC.


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Banks employees always had their computer to call the token but here in this case of advisors we had a challenge to provide a token calling mechanism to the call the token.



We provided them the Net-E-Curve with 8 services on the token machine. We placed the token dispenser at the security gate, where the security personal issues token is serial wise manner. At the same time the support staff parks the vehicle in the parking area and customer waits for his turn at the customer waiting lounge.

At the waiting lounge we have provided a display TV which pertain Token number and the counter number. Along with the token numbers we have provided feature of displaying any promotional images, which will catch the attention of the customers waiting for their turn.

Advisors on the other hand were provided a handheld token calling pad, with 3 buttons on it, NEXT, BELL, PENDING. This was placed on the podium and the podium was tagged as the counters. They can call the token one by one in FIFO method.



A sort of discipline prevails among the customers and the advisors The advisors get ample amount of time to understand and explain various AMC schemes. The huge rush is now comes to the advisors turn by turn Customers feel satisfied he is complete attention is paid to them and they can express the problem with the vehicle in proper manner.  Honda can advertise the future product on the token display which actually proved extremely beneficial .