Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences

The Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd (MIMS) is a 600 bedded multispecialty hospital situated in the heart of Calicut city and has an atmosphere…
of quiet and unpolluted air. The hospital is renowned for its excellent medical expertise, nursing care and quality of diagnostic services. The hospital has earned a very good recognition as a leader in providing world-class healthcare services to the common man at an affordable cost. The hospital is continuously in tune with the latest technology that promotes the healthcare and well being of the patient.

MIMS is having more than 50 OPD with an approximate walk in patients of 900 every single day. Considering the massive size of its operations, MIMS needed an extremely comprehensive Queue Management System integrated with their existing HIS and Appointment System.

They also wanted a dynamic priority setting which would enable themselves to change the priority of certain segment of token category whenever the wanted.

The most challenging part was to integrate the display modules (out dated) of a Delhi based supplier, which MIMS had purchased in a bulk Quantity for their OPDs.

There were many apprehensions at MIMS about the usage and acceptance of such a drive


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Ask4token’s Queue Management Solution For MIMS Reception

After a thorough analysis of scenario, We provided them with a complete end to end solution.

Provided them the Net-e-Q Brawny token dispensing unit at their Helpdesk where the rush of the patients is segregated as per the appointment and general walk-in category.

Reception workforce was increased to 5 counters and each one of them was equipped with a LAN Based QMS application to call the token in FIFO method.

Since it was integrated with their appointment manuals, it was accordingly transferred from the reception to the respective doctors.

Doctors on the other hand get all the information of the transferred token from the reception in their own HIS module which we had integrated with our QMS.


Ask4token’s Queue Management Solution For MIMS Pharmacy

Provided Net-e-Q Brawny token dispensing unit at entrance  of pharmacy.

A Token is issued and patients are called in the billing counter first.  After the completion of billing activity the token is transferred to Cash and then to dispensing area


Ask4token’s Queue Management Solution for MIMS Laboratory

Provided Net-e-Q Curve Token dispensing unit wherein patients themselves takes the token and wait for their turn.

We have give two displays, one for the billing counters and one for the sample collection room

The token first lands at the billing counter and then once the payment is done, it’s transferred to laboratory where the samples are collected turn by turn.


Success Story

Overnight, scenes of the patients crowding across reception or helpdesk counter and agitated non-medical staffs vanished from the hospital. Patients were never anxious about their turn and India’s one of the finest hospital, MIMS, became stress free.

Having proved, MIMS group decided to take us further to rest of their branches