A Queue Management System That is Beyond Just Managing Queue

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Queue Managment System

We offer an enhanced user-friendly advance queue management system for corporate and individuals by developing a customized queue management solutions, understanding their customer relations requirements.

An efficacious and well organized Queuing system with digital signage is one of the fastest and most low-priced way by which an organization can formulate its operational advantages and squeeze its skillfulness out of its operations. The Queue Management System is the process of well organized movements of customers all the way through and out of the waiting process and is speedily becoming an absolute need in many business organizations because of its confirmed power to decrease client’s walk-outs and induces sales.

Queue Management Solution can redefine customer experiences and helps the big firms to create a competitive edge.

The queue management solution is helping the biggest names in the industry to heighten their customer experience all over the globe. It is basically designed to help you to create a service delivery surrounding where client’s can enjoy a unforgettable experience resulting into the highest level of customer gratification and at the end making them more loyal to your trade name.

A proper and well managed Queue Management System With Digital Signage keeps the clients engaged, as they wait for their turn to come, dramatically reducing recognized delay periods as a result improving the business status by an enhanced customer service.

Queue Management System Benefits

Reduces Wait Time

Customer Satisfaction

Manage Irregular Queuing

Build Up Customer Experience

Queue Management System Works

This is how customer flow management system works

  • Initially, Customer / Visitor takes a token from Netsol Token Machine and wait for their turn at the waiting lounge.
  • The moment token is issued the CCO, Customer Care Officer, gets an intimation of the same in hir / her user panel.
  • CCO calls the customer / visitor in a sequence or as per the priority customer, like senior citizen, physically handicapped etc. Priority can be pre defined by the organisation if needed.
  • At the same time the customer / visitor will hear an announcement through the audio installed at the waiting lounge.
  • Announcement will be male / female or normal buzzer based on the option selected by the CCO.
  • Based on the announcement customer / visitor proceeds to the respective counter and CCO handles them accordingly.
  • Once the process of the CCO with customer / visitor is through, CCO calls the nex customer through his / her user panel.
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We are specialists in queue management and have the expertise to transform your frenzied service areas into smartly designed modules to streamline your customer flows and help you manage your queues efficiently.

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